I am in a urologist clinic now

I need to resolve my sexual side effect cause by my antipsychotic,but it’s a long wait lol

I had been on antipsychotic since 2009,it’s been 7 years and I had recently been doing better and meeting more people.I need to continue these but also had to maybe solve my sexual issue because it’s very important to me.I had never had sex,and I really look forward to having sex soon,I don’t want to have weaker sexual function because of my psychiatric meds and go on to have sex…I am 26 years old this year

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You can think of shockwawe therapy.i m also going to do that.

Its about 2000 dollar but nice results.

Maybe no need it

Had been waiting for 2 hours the doctor went for surgery,■■■■■■■ long wait…I hope I get something out today

I actually go out from work to visit this doctor,I think I didn’t worked today,but the sexual issue has been a issue for me for long.I want to try resolve it

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You could have just asked your psychiatrist for aripiprazole.

The doctor said he cannot treat me now because I don’t have a partner