I made a piano composition!

I was feeling inspired this morning so I came up with a little piano piece. Hope you like!


Very nice!!! That’s some cup of coffee!!

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Delightful. I like it better than coffee, though.

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i hear two sounds at once

oh i forgot to turn of my spotify :smiley:

you are the master of harmoious soundz

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Niice! I wish I was good at music, I suck. I am only good with computers and video games lol

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@Loke Thanks! I was drinking some when I made this lol
@chordy Thank you! Thats high praise haha glad you like it!
@crazy_dancer_arcade_pro Youre a great artist too man! We should play some starcraft again when you get the chance
@Aziz If youre good at computers pick up a DAW like FL Studio. Itll open up a wonderful world of possibilities in creating music, I only did it a year ago and I sucked then too!


I just installed FLStudio for my brother yesterday night, he knows how to use it, I don’t. He use it to make rap music.

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Good Advice Kid’s, And People, And Strangers.

Then Get Free Movie Maker. And You Will Be One Step Away From Uploading Your Very Own Music Videos.

I Think it’s Actually Called Movie Maker.

N e Hoo.

Fl Studio, is Extremely Fun to Jump Into.

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Do you do music? I’d love to hear a sample. We have such talented people on here.

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No I am not good at music lol My brother uses that program to make rap.

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That’s a nice soothing piece of music. Well done @zwolfgang :clap:


Gorgeous, as usual!


Amazing! It’s a perfect cup of coffee :slight_smile: :coffee:


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