I don't know if I am reading this right

This guy at the assisted living center where I live has his wife pregnant, and I think he wants me to take the girl and raise his baby. I’ve considered this, but I have very little in the way of financial resources. Also, I was wanting to spend my old age doddering around my apartment and working on my writing. I have kind of thought that I would like to have a child to teach some of the things I know to, but I also have some very serious personality problems. I’ve had these problems for over forty years, and I doubt if they will leave me. On the other hand, as a surrogate father I could get a first row seat at the nature/nurture controversy.

Sounds pretty complicated.

If you do adopt, make it official so there is no come back if they change their minds.

I wouldn’t do it, but I am sure you will get some who would comment.

Too used to the way I live

Why do you think he wants you to date his wife and raise his baby? That seems like a very bizarre thing for someone to want.

All I have is the evidence of my senses - body language. It is possible that I am deluded about this.

Just because you feel this doesn’t make it so. He’d have to actask you.


I definitely don’t think you’re reading it right.

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That makes no sense. You can’t just give your wife and baby like that.

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