I don't know how to feel

From time to time the thought I never going to enjoy this life and its experiences is giving me a bad time.

There is so much to unpack and I can’t and don’t know how.

I can’t find a place, a job, a friend which feels natural and good.

I guess I am sad, I am smiling the most when in sad.

Things I do don’t feel good, don’t feel natural or enjoyable. I judge myself the most that’s why I am never good enough.

I feel like I shouldn’t even talk or be seen by others because I “can behave better. Say something better. Be better” and I feel like Im nothing

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Damn this post :point_up_2:


Life feels fake since sz.

@aziz I feel the exact same way. Feels like maybe SZ makes us see the world the way it really is. Bad train of thought. This is not healthy.

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