I don't know how it is possible

I’m living in a city the disparity of wealth is so huge!

There are TV programs telling us, with the wage of a job like mine, a normal person needs two full time jobs to live. And this is what they do. They work for one job in the morning and another full time at night. They just dont sleep. Otherwise, they don’t have money for meal, even if they work full time.

I look at a lot of ads. For a job like mine, they expect 60+ working hrs per week. I don’t think I can manage that. Today my parents are still paying for the household, I don’t know what we can do when mom is retired. And I certainly cannot accept mom working at this old age to support me.

So I look for jobs in the government or public organizations, which seems to have some openings relevant to my background and pay a bit better. But I find every of them revised the application form, stating that applying means they have ur consent to release every of your personal employment and medical records in any organizations. If they state that, I think they would proceed to check on the medical records and I think it is likely related to mental health records. Of course they have a statement claiming they would not discriminate against ur disability. But I don’t think they would employ me after checking on my mental health. It simply is illogical.

Is it better to just give up? Would u give up to that?

It is hard for me to answer this… Hong Kong is so vastly different then my part of the U.S.

I couldn’t imagine anyone having to work two jobs with no sleep to get just enough money to even have food. Our food banks are free.

I know it upsets you to see your Mom working at such an age, but you are doing the best you can. I’d say do what you can and be a bit patient with yourself. You’ve only been healing for a few months. For NOW you might not be able to do 60 hours. But who knows what will happen next year if your kind to yourself and heal more. You might find a different job you love and then you will be happier.

If you push yourself too hard you will end up right back a the beginning of your illness. But you were studying for the new job and if you can find something else you like doing, that will also help you.

I’d say, do what you can, and heal as much as you can and be patient with yourself and be kind to yourself.
As you get better, life will change again.


I don’t think that you should give up. You have come to far to give up now.

Economics around the world are pretty messed up. I don’t watch the news much as it’s usually bad but even here in Canada I have heard news reports that a family can’t survive on one income. Unless you have money, it’s a struggle. I’m lucky that my husband has a good paying job. When I did work, it was salary so I worked a lot more hours then I got paid for.

I’m sorry that you and your mom are having such a tough go of it but don’t give up.

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In the U.S. Here one’s medical records are completely different from mental health records. The two cannot be combined as one and you have to sign completely different forms to get both, although a lot of unscrupulous companies try to get away with this, and will if you allow them.
Before you give up, check into what laws govern your records, and never give anyone a Carte Blanc (unlimited permission) to any of your records without understanding what your agreeing to.

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Thank you for your information. But i dont even need to sign a consent.

Someone told me, if they are employing, they investigate yr cv like a police doing investigation on criminals and then would phone every of yr ex employers to gather as much information of u as possible. They do that even when they employ a part time clerk. They need a flawless perfect candidate. I think I won’t have a chance.

Get the facts checked out yourself instead if giving up solely on the advice of hearsay.
Good luck with employers finding that “perfect” person to hire, it’s hard enough to find someone who has the common sense to arrive on time and actually follow through on the work their given without being a liability.
Good workers are very hard to find, and good work ethics are scarce.
Quality work speaks for itself.

Actually the person who told me is working in the office I once applied for their opening. She says that because she is there and is doing that.

We have a lot of people looking for jobs. I feel so confused. They are expecting me to work again but are not giving out chances.

J u are right. Thank you for being here. I know it’s patience that I need.