I don't know about my med's

I know it’s paranoid, but I keep getting the feeling that they are tinkering with my med’s. That is why I got off the med’s last time. I guess I can endure this much discomfort. It is kind of miserable, though.

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Don’t you recognize the look of the pills.

If they were giving you different pills they would look differently.

They look like they’re a little smaller than the pills I originally got. It would be very easy to mash up some pills and put them in a casing.

Different brands have different pill shapes and colors.

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This one gives me a different feel than the previous drugs.

If you’re this delusional and paranoid while ON meds, thinking your pharmacy is messing with you, imagine how delusional and paranoid you’ll be OFF meds.

Some people can quit meds and be okay, I don’t think you’re one of them. Sorry.

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I’ve thought that recently, too. I’m thinking they’re giving me a taste of Haldol as a warning. They don’t want me complaining about the med’s. … Nevertheless, they use Haldol in large doses to torture mental patients in Russia. In large doses it is a truly horrifying drug.