I dont Identify as sz anymore

I don’t think i identify as sz anymore, i think i am ok now but i am worried things go south, its always a risk to get complacent but i truly feel i have put it behind me now,

The meds have rewired my brain though so if i try and stop even with my dr’s help i will be very unwell, i think my mental illness is cured though apart from a weird anxiety, my head has been ravaged by meds and illness :frowning: its a bit like a nuclear winter in there now :frowning:

Here’s how I identify:

Amateur broadcaster
Outdoor enthusiast
Coffee hound
Tea enthusiast
The damn pater familias



Weren’t you just hospitalized?

yeah but that was for something else, not sure what happened with that.

@shutterbug I dont think i can beat that list lol

Hmmm, your schizophrenia just “went away”? How long did you have it? Were you misdiagnosed?

I don’t want to identify as Schizophrenic but every time I visit the Doctor, the Psychiatrist or Pharmacist I am reminded that I am one. Even going to the Dentist they want to know what medications you take.

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No, it didnt just go away just like that, it has been a long and arduous process of recovery, i was rediagnosed a few years ago which i believe was a good indicator that i have improved,

My dr said he thought I had an underlying mixed personality disorder but i disagree, i am just me and maybe i am a bit weird but that doesnt mean its a disorder.

@Sarah yeah, i have been through all of that and its not nice but the important thing is you and not what other people think, you are more important. no-one should treat you badly, the illness is very similar to other ailments as it can be debilitating and affects our quality of life.

meds have helped me a lot along the way but its about 50/50 with them, i was lucky to find a better med, i regret changing my original med at the start but luckily i went back on it after a number of years and things have got a lot better.


I still do. I find that talking about my experiences makes me feel better

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I Identify as

Amateur Broadcaster
Magazine Editor
Christian worshipper
Eco warrior
wannabe Twitcher
Amateur photographer
Tree hugger
Tea Drinker
Soda stream indulgent
Amateur Barista
wannabe Motorcyclist
Driver enthusiast
Unpaid carer
green fingered


It doesn’t really matter how big your list is or if you even have a list, the main thing is people are trying their damnedest to recover from what is a very debilitating illness :frowning:

I pray for all the people who suffer, I pray the find peace within themselves and i pray that the suffering is reduced :slight_smile:

@anon2818416 talking about really does help and i mean it REALLY helps, i try to make sense of what i dont understand but i have to seek what i believe to be the truth in order to make sense of my thoughts.


I don’t either. I have issues that require APs, but I don’t think I have schizophrenia or schizoaffective

I was actually upset when my brother said I don’t have schizophrenia because I’ve had like 3 episodes in the past that clearly prove I’m schizophrenic and he’s a psychologist so it’s just boggles me how he can say that

I guess it comes down to what you believe about yourself, they might have all the knowledge but they dont have the experience so would never be able to make a 100% diagnosis, sometimes people can be between stages of illness i think different stages in recovery or the opposite,

I guess if you are presenting as lucid and you have a high capacity then you could be considered in both camps (maybe) I am not a psychiatrist but you got to see it from their angle and put both sides in perspective their knowledge and what you know about yourself.

I’ve been ill for ages and it was hard to consider my dr rediagnosing me and i am still not sure if it is correct but at the same time i question whether i am even that ill anymore and whether its just residual illness and meds related. I think i might just be anxious at best.

My recent hospitalisation was like a spiritual emergency rather than a relapse although it was similar i was more terrifying but less symptoms, my symptoms seem to have reduced but the feelings attached were more intense.

The only way i can describe it is by drawing a diagram, its basically a small box with its defences getting attacked from all around it and inside the box is powerful emotions that outwardly try to resist the attack, as the attack from outside gets more intense so does my defences. some how i managed to restore the balance and resist the attack, i

I felt like war tbh only i was battling evil forces, i might have been a little delusional but it wasn’t near as bad as before only more intense emotionally and spiritually.

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That’s what I did to recover.

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Same here …

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