I don't have schizophrenia anymore, WHY?

that was near the time of Desert Storm, I do believe. craziest thing ever, we watched the whole war on t.v.!

I won’t be posting my writing on here anymore, but you can view them on my blog, if you’re interested at all. I don’t think this is a good place for support.

think yourself lucky :four_leaf_clover:
don’t analyse…
i am happy for you :heart_eyes:
take care :alien:

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well said daze, I think you’ve really come through well too

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I agree with Daze. Sometimes it SEEMS the disease goes away when really it is just laying dormant because the symptoms ease or stress goes away or we are really busy or happy. I am just a little skeptical that the most serious mental illness there is can just go away. Maybe I’m just being cynical when it doesn’t call for it. I would like to believe that it can happen but I’m a little doubtful. I don’t think you’re lying but I would just like to hear from you in a few months to see if you are still “cured”. But hey, I don’t even know you, I could be totally wrong.

77nick77 I will personally message you back here or on your page if I can, to tell you, if you don’t mind, how I’m doing, thank you, I am a completely different person now, I just know it, my husband thinks there’s never been anything too seriously wrong with me, yes i’d get a little over heated in the past and need the window open, but that’s just my release of a stress trigger. I rarely need the window open anymore, I just know that 3 years ago when I met my husband, I was still very confused about life and where it was taking me, but now, everything is so much clearer, I’m settled, and I can actually make decisions for myself and live a normal life now, and have a baby hopefully, :smiley:

I’m not preaching that life can change for everyone in this way, sad to hear i’m sure for some I don’t believe in god that much sorry but I do believe that you have to strive in life to get better for yourself, change things for yourself, no-one is there for you other than people you let in, you have to trust. others and the world is not so scary if you become chilled out towards them, and accept that changes, in everyway, good or bad, accepting the changes is what make us normal, no being in denial, or fighting it.


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I feel like it’s kinda like an alcoholic, you know, you never really lose maybe? But you are able to live beyond its grasp. I would work with your team to get you to try to come off of meds, or lower them significantly and see is your progress continues. Think of it as an amazing adventure!

daze, your a fine fellow :), I think your opinions are vital to this group discussion actually, because I believe addiction is an illness aswell, i.e gambling, alcoholism, drug abuse, , and only hinders actual mental recovery, to add these things to your daily life, to restrain from smoking for example could case more anxious feelings, but in the long term, to get rid of the addiction, is to conquer the grasp of the habit, and to reach for more happy hobbies to enjoy, cooking meals, running around or walking places to get fit and have more energy,

it’s all balance, alcoholics don’t wake up int he morning, and consider not having a drink, they consider the second they wake up I need want have to have a drink of beer, vodka etc, they are held in limbo until the next, tbh people with addictions have an illness and it’s just as bad as schizophrenia, your life is ruined until further notice

and I don’t mind being on the meds since they worked or helped me in some way i’m sure, I think with my actual situation, low dopamine runs in my genetics, and my sister also has schzoiphrenia, aswell my dad I think, and my mum has bipolar, depression aswell for my other sister, madness doesn’t run in my family it gallops lol I’m happy reaching this point in ‘my’ life where I’ve overcome the ‘panic’ felt. I have experienced hell, and will by all means never see that side of me again, keeping happy and positive is my one goal in life that’s important right now, mental stability is the one thing I rely on for my future with my husband and expected kids,

life goes on yes, and people change, but when one thing tries to ruin all that, and for it to be so silly, you have to say stop, that’s what I did, I SAID STOP, and the disturbances ended, thank goodness. :smile:

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Good luck. If you are really “cured” than I think that’s great. Yes, it takes much effort to make things better for yourself. But it is indeed possible to change your circumstances and improve your life as I well know. if you are going to stick around these forums and spread a positive word I think that’s great and it’s much needed. I usually try to be positive but you have to understand that at age 54 I get a little cynical sometimes. But hey, thanks for your answer and have a nice day and a nice life.

Hi, love cures a lot so maybe a secure relationship as the one you have with your husband was all important. Two, medication helps. Finally, a mental stronghold helps as in CBT therapy. Lucky you!!! Thanks for posting because it shows schizophrenic symptoms don’t plague us forever and when they do, we have to do all the things to help biologically with meds, through therapy and with help from loving relationships…

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You have something to sell?

A book with a happy ending draws a bigger profit.
How many of us have families that want us to be “cured” so bad they’d buy anything that sounded promising.

LOL by the title you sound disappointed by this turn of events.

You probably had a nervous breakdown , from what I understand thats not cured it just goes away…I guess.But I dont think sz is curable, there are just degrees of tolerance until the full break of sanity and once thats broken it takes a whole lotta fixing.


no really, I had schzoiphrenia, my voices and disturbances where one of the worst cases my doctors had, they tired me on 10 different anti psychotics before I got one that kind of worked, and I was still hearing voices in my head, having really delusional thoughts and paranoia, among just being impossible to talk to, I couldn’t sit down around family and chill, i’d be up just standing up nervously twitching, my ‘coincidental voices’ I call them, would last ALLL day, everytime I heard any noise outside my own thoughts they where heard misconstrued, I was diagnosed with sz when I was in the mental hospital for 6 weeks, I really KNOW I had it, but I don’t now, and that part of me has gone, that’s what I was saying, I don’t know what happened except having a decent man to hold and look after me and tell me everything was going to be okay, and gave me faith and strength,


Sounds more like love-addicted bipolar than sz. (A sharp stick in the eye, maybe. Let’s hope I am wrong. But do I do people any good by helping them maintain their manic delusions?)


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notmoses, ‘i’m not being post diagnosed on this site by anyone’

you just can’t help some people from judging, I was being an honest person with insight, not trying to press anyone else, so don’t press my buttons, okay

leaving now, good luck with that,

I think it is awfully sad that the message here is that the answer to a schizophrenic woman’s problems is to find a man, somehow find a way to marry him, and have a baby or two. I would hope that women are made of stronger stuff than that!

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excuse me, this is my life, I choose it, i’m not stressing on anyone to do the same, don’t be silly, I just state my argument now, that I have had enough of twisted people in my life let alone this world and all the compasses it, is filled with hate, I found a man who brought me to life, and fool you, for not accepting that is my revelation, MY PERSONAL GRATITUDE.

I am happy now, so blooming well happy, I just thought i’d share it, I came on here when I was ill, no-one helped me, so don’t say you’re are all for it, you are just jealous,

and i’m sure your life is just wonderful lmao

some people don’t even believe schizophrenia is an illness, they believe it is a selfish streak people get when they feel alone in life, and want attention, not me though, I actually understand, it’s probably the worst thing a human being can go through. and I got away from that now, and i’m thankful, and I did it all BY MYSELF, brute strength of soul and wisdom and courage, I have had enough of people telling me what to do to get better, I don’t tell anyone else, I was simply asking, WHY I have changed so suddenly into a cold heartless emotionless body and somehow know how to play this game of ‘stay alive’, I came through being a weak depressed weird idiot into something I would call human, being an ass who actually thinks her opinions count, and her words are actually meaningful and important. but are they, who knows, not me to judge here, you all do enough of that for me.,

maybe this is true, maybe I have become just like the rest, out of your club now, too sad, how bad nevermind!

Before you got into other relationships with friends , family or pretty much anybody? From what I understand sz really kicks hard when someone afflicted with it spends extended periodsmof time alone.

Thats how I am I spent years alone sometimes for literally years withoyt even talking to anyone but the cashier at the store or maybe my ma once in a great while and my symptoms got way bad but when im in the company of someone that I trust at first all the symptoms are completely gone then they eventually come back.

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I was diagnosed 2 years ago, for drug induced disorders. Eventually “got better” about 7 months ago. Havent took meds since then, but the only thing that lingers is a cycle of thinking that makes me think I’m speaking to others through my thoughts. Obviously a dillusion to me. But I’ll never believe that it’s not happening. But I really relate to a person that posted in this thread saying they miss their “delusions”, kinda like it’s losing an old friend. And knowing I would never want to feel that out of control again. I genuinely do miss, what I believe to be an alternative way of thinking.