I don't have schizophrenia anymore, WHY?

I don’t understand how I am sane now, I don’t have schizophrenia anymore.

I became ill with schizophrenia, 6 years ago, when I was 18, I became isolated from others and the world, until only 7 months ago, the torture completely ended, I still feel knocked, but at least I am sane and a married women now, considering having a baby with my husband, have a very nice place to live in, which I call home… there was a time I felt like nowhere was home, and I couldn’t find peace in my mind. was completely paranoid and delusional wreck, hard to talk to, nervous and hyper-manic, everything has slowed down now, finally, I have a future, I don’t hear voices anymore, and don’t get jittery and shake when uncomfortable, I have become strong, I think it’s the love of a good man, and the times spent talking to him, about everything and anything that annoyed me about life, and it’s troubles. and I am cured, my confidence has become a on an even power with what is actually possible in life, driving etc. Getting a job, I have faith in myself now, that I don’t have to be scared of everything, my mind would run away with the fairies and the demons of the world to places I didn’t like, I’d judge people wrongly, and misconstrue words they said, I’d hear people talking anywhere I went and pick up that they were talking about was what I was thinking about, but when I went through CBT I discovered, other people are doing there own thing, life doesn’t evolve around me. FACT, I wasn’t being selfish, but it was an unconscious habit to take things to my own world and make it all about me, it was an illness, but it’s overcome now, I want to be a decent reliable member of society again, who contributes, many thanks

p.s why do you think I am cured? out of interest,


Sometimes there is this breakthrough moment, or days, or even weeks that seems too good to be true, either the right conditions are being met to produce it, or chemicals in the brain add up, and can definitely add up when love is a factor. I don’t want to tell you to not trust it, but just give yourself credit and hopefulness that this is where the madness ends.

well I understand, remission can happen any time, but this was a different transition, I think, it’s been ages since I’ve even felt crazy a little bit, can I be honest, I miss it, I miss the old me, having been ill for so long, I feel like I’ve lost a friend, i’m so boring now, lol

Yeah, I get that, it can be like new skin. I think you should tell more people about how your feel, maybe a doc, or just friends. See if there is some belief from them that you are different now. Just to get the feedback and know for sure.

yeah daze, well my mum believes I’m a completely new person, and I just asked my husband, and he says definitely, I’m a lot more calm and chilled out, I used to panic a lot, but he says I’m much better now, it’s a weird feeling, I’m just not worried about things anymore. taking life as it comes, and lots to look forward to I think… it’s definitely set in stone, I don’t hear voices off the TV etc. anymore, could be my meds, because they do help I think, but I’m just glad after five years taking these meds, something’s happened that I’m not on panic stations anymore, my adrenaline levels have lowered I think.

I almost feel the same way. Which is why I don’t post as much anymore. I don’t need the “group therapy” I feel this board offers. But without medication I reckon I’d be a crazy wreck. Thank god for medication. But I am doing sooooo much better than when I joined in October or November.

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that’s good turningthepage, I just thought I’d put it out there, I was always told schizophrenia wasn’t curable, then what’s happened to us!

Do you take medication still despite how much better you’re doing? Or are you literally cured. I’m around your age. I feel we’re lucky we’ve had new age medications. Hopefully people our childrens age will have even better treatments and schizophrenia will hardly be an issue as mankind progresses! Never thought I’d say this. A year ago I was hoping the world would end.

I am on anti depressants, and anti psychotics, have been on the same ones since 2010, so it’s nothing to do with a change in meds. I think it’s about situation as well, I met a man who I love, and wanted to change for him, so unconsciously maybe I let go of the past me for him, maybe, I felt trapped in a hole, but he came and saved me, it’s weird tho feeling so bored, usually i’d find things to distract me being delusional, but not having these thoughts, I actually want a job now lol - my psychiatrist says I’m doing fantastic since two years ago, and is all for me having a baby, as well as my key worker, says I’m so different now, alot more confidant


You’ve stabilized… Congratulations… the meds do work… and when your on them long enough… they pull you back into life.

Congratulations on remission… it’s hard being on meds long enough to find something that will turn life back in your direction. It took me ages too…

But when the meds are right… and the support is there… its amazing how we can get our lives back. I never believed in my meds… I refused for ages… but I ended up so low… I couldn’t fight the meds any more.

After being med compliant for a few years… my brain started to heal and stabilize… now I have job… in school and can see my life moving forward.

Glad your able to do the same. :v:


@SurprisedJ I’m going to continue writing my novella but decided to take a 6 month break before revisiting it and adding more and hopefully turning it into a novel. I don’ t think it’s ready to be published but it will one day! After I re-visit it. After I’ve gained more knowledge/insight/creative ability. My mom is pushing me hard to finish it but I told her in six months I will. I need to keep reading/practicing writing. One day it will be published!

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thanks SurprisedJ, go us! we did it, back to reality, :smiley:

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Congratulation on this… rewriting and reworking sounds reasonable.

Why not give it the best start you can. Keep learning… keep growing and keep working…
You can’t push creativity…

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When I was your age, I wrote and wrote and tried being like other writers, and some of it was ok, some of it was just trying too hard, most of it was not good, and I threw a whole notebook away after 5 years.

Now, I will never have a beginning, because those are gone. W.B. Yeats went back late in life and revised all of his early works, and I think that was a pity really. Maybe he was too concerned with his legacy.

Realize that every stage matters. When I was a little older I thought, this might be the best thing I’ve ever written. I didn’t think I would write anything as good again. But of course, I did. Always think about the progression of writing, the practice, the getting in your zone, the honesty, the hard work.

It is like anything a craft. You see what works, what doesn’t. You push the boundaries, and later, sooner or later, you have a voice that fits you like a glove, and you can keep wearing it, using it, counting on it, you keep coming back to it.

Yes, read, read everything. But own what you know. When everyone was writing about Greek mythology, I was writing about Jesus. When everyone was writing about the future, I was writing about the past. It strengthened me to do it in the same vain, the same sense, but with my own edge.

I started to shock myself at some of the works I was doing, even when my kids were calling me from the yard, and I had laundry do, I was trying to get in my last lines, just squeeze them in. Then, I wrote religiously when I had time, and now I write like a journalist, a blogger, for others, and for myself.

Never think that what you have to say doesn’t matter, or that, it isn’t quite like how you wanted it to be, this is language, and it can’t ever be exact, ever. It will fail to meet the misunderstood feelings deep inside of you. But that is your job, to try to sort it out. Put it down. Make it happen.


Congrats, sounds like you have done a fantastic job of stabilizing. Hope you are able to enjoy it. :smile:



And us gemini’s change frequently :wink: So I figure my writing will only progress because we are the most changing sign. Me you and suprisedj…all geminis. Haha. wow I’m in a good mood today.


And so is @mortimermouse

Maybe a link between SZ and gemini…at least awesome ones. Wait you’re all awesome!

I’m a Gemini

It fits fairly well

Sure! I was born in the summer of '69 baby, now can you claim that one? Ha!

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Great year, jets won the superbowl. Great music. No I can’t claim that one :expressionless:

I was born in the late spring of 1990, during …i’m not sure.