I don't have anything to do for the millionth time

I do have anything to do. It is like I’m in jail.

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I’ve been in jail. Well, solitary the whole time. I played a game where i took off my wristband and tried to toss it onto the windowsill without it bouncing off. I was pretty bad at it. The window gave me an inspiring view of a solid brick wall.

I’m more bored because noooobody is on right now! Log on and entertain me, people!


Hi jake and agent. I havnt been up long. I’m having a relaxing morning. In a couple of hours I’m headed into town to a cafe where you can play board games.

I know that feeling too well. Go for a walk and spot all the new birds, trees, and people you see.

Take my wife, please.


When I was born, I was so ugly the doctor slapped my mother.


When I was in jail my roomate taught me how to light a cigarette using toilet paper a pencil and the light fixture. I didnt have a cigarette at the time but years later when I was locked up in the psych ward, I had my visitor bring me cigars and after I got tired sucking on them and the nurse wouldnt give me my nicorette losenger I decided to light one up. I wound upo in the padded room with a dose of haldol for it but it was totally worth it

That’s crazy! I wish I had a more traditional jail experience, my cellmate actually seemed cool, but I had a bit of an episode and got thrown into solitary my first hour there.

Thanks @77nick77 that second one made me laugh :smiley:

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Yeah dude its like important to know. You chew off the yellow exposing the graphite, then make a U shape and it sparks over the paper towel and your good to go

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New quarantine project lol


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