I don't have any good memories

Growing up with mentally ill parents holidays sucked! The fourth of July was one of the worse.
I remember a really bad year my dad was drinking and started accusing my Mon of cheating.

And finally she fired back that she knew about his latest girlfriend. My dad became violent. And my mom would use my brother and I as shields. My brother ran out of the house and called the cops. My dad went to jail for a week and was admitted for psychiatric care for another week.

I hate holidays. I expect the worse out of people. And I stopped drinking when I was 23 in too scared I will end up like my dad and brother who use alcohol as an excuse to act violent. Admins if this isn’t allowed you can erase

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focus on happier things. The little things.

Everyone has had a rough patch. Life goes on.

I don’t have happy memories phase fades out, like it did with me.

You have a wonderful partner, a roof over your head, cute pets.


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