I don't fold my laundry or make my bed

i just throw my clean clothes in the closet so my room looks clean, then i sift through them, when im going to change clothes. i do put my dirty clothes in a hamper though, not to get the two mixed together.


If I don’t make my bed every morning,

I can’t start my day.

It’s like making coffee for me.

Plus, I like getting in a nice made bed every night.

My husband folds the clothes and I put them away.

I don’t mind washing and drying and putting them where they go, but hate folding.

So that’s his only household chore.


I think its fine to cut corners. We have problems. I still haven’t even started my laundry let alone fold it right. I only wish I made my bed everyday.


your an animal, lol, jk i’m probably worse bc i throw my clothes over the chair, (i hate putting clothes away) and my sheets on my bed need changed, I always make my bed bc it is easy and change my underwear every night. my kitchen is a bomb site atm :frowning:

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I don’t fold my laundry or make my bed either.


I fold my clothes just not retail style. And I love getting into a made bed every night. I need new sheets but I’m surviving without them.

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I have make the bed every day, or my husband will, but someone has to or it bothers me. I slept on an air mattress in the floor of my parents tv room for almost 15 years and had to deflate it and put it away every day, so making a bed seems easy.
I fold each item of clothing as I take it out of the dryer and have neatly organized stacks that I put away right away.
I hate clutter or piles of things. It bothers me too much. I kind of wish I was more relaxed.


I don’t make my bed or fold laundry either.
Don’t worry about it @Lifer


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