I don't feel much effect from fluanxol depot , should I replace it or wait with it?

I get it 2 months ago, the hallucinations are pretty much gone, so are the hearing sounds. however, it does not relieve my anxiety, even though I read about it has an anxiolytic effect.What should I do?


What dose and how often?

Its for sz, not anxiety. Benzos and some others are for anxiety but not antipsychotics.

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20mg every two weeks

Fluanxol at low dose should treat depression and anxiety and at high dose it should treat psychosis like voices and paranoia. While fluanxol is good for depression and the negative symptoms it has a stronger cosine which is called Clopixol. This meds is working better at the positive symptoms than fluanxol like aggression and severe paranoia. I am currently at 500 mg Clopixol every 3 weeks and has been on it the last 24 years. It does it’s job good and I’m very happy that I got it in 1997.

fluanxol is one of the older typical antipsychotics. Its pretty medicore when it comes to treating positve symptoms. Does nothing for cognitive symptoms.

For anxiety, you can try SSRIs or benzos.