I dont eat a lot

i dont eat much in a day, i have very little in the morning and at lunch so basically just dinner usually but the last couple of days i’ve been eating less, i have had some toast today and a slice of fruit loaf, yesterday i felt faint bc all i had was some soup and a roll for lunch but idk if it was that or bc i might have taken too many meds, idk just trying to cut down i suppose, i cant exercise much i feel like a big useless blob most of the time :frowning:

I had the same issues, lost 50 lbs, my work keeps me active but had to eat more cause was feeling weak.

@asgoodasitgets are you taking any vitamins?

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not really :confused: lol i’m having a proper dinner tonight for a change with stewed steak and carrots, potatoes and Yorkshire pudding, i was going to use sage and onion but it takes too long.


Sounds delicious! :relaxed:

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