My dinner wasn't good

I had two bowls of cereal for dinner and three glasses of chocolate milk. I was going to bake a sweet potato and then fry it in butter and sugar but thought it would be too much work. I don’t have much else to eat right now. I have $75 to last me the last three days of the month but the grocery store is too far to walk, I get a lower back pain. I need recovery.


Hang in there. I feel bad about the cereal. Makes me sad. Cereal for dinner is a favorite of mine. Yes !! Get s9me good rest tonight.

I ran out of cereal. Want some now.

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mine wasn’t good either, I wasn’t hungry but my stomach was empty, I consumed peanut butter, I burped a lot and vomited shortly after

I can’t go long without eating because I lose weight fast and I’m very skinny

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