I Don't Do Head Games or Drama

I’ve got one very unpleasant person in this house - my wife’s friend. All she does is f-uck with your head. The last straw came at dinner. Us 3 family members and this woman and her 3 kids are all seated around the kitchen table. One kid asks if he can have something. No big deal. Then this woman starts in on how people talk too much at dinner and her kids need to eat faster, etc. When it was all said and done, we were ALL done eating, waiting on her. She plays stupid mind games trying to get you confused. From now on, when I see her, I’m going in the other direction. Sick and tired of people f-ucking with my head.


sorry alien…that must be hard. I would ignore her too.

In your own house? Why? Have you spoken with your spouse about this? (Maybe you should.)

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sorry man.
take care :alien: