I dont do anything

Im resting in bed. Today i bought vape kit for beginners. Argus air.

Have vaaped mangus flavour salt liquid.

But im not very hapy for my purchase. Its cheaper alternative to smoking. I will gonna smoke less

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What do you vape?

I used to vape different flavours. My favourites were bubblegum, caramel, blueberry, and Virginia.

Iā€™d buy them from a local store that made its own mixes.

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I mixed one myself 100 ml base nicotine 6 mg and green hill candy flavour . It cost about 10 eur. Will be enough for month i think or more

I thought vaping is more expensive. Then smoking. But when you mix its cheap

Back in my vaping days, I vaped around 30ml per week

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Thats alot. I tried disposable ecig with 2 ml. It was enough for day

I vape 40mg/mL nic salt, watermelon and green apple. I also have black cherry, peach and orange.

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I vape 120ml in a month or slightly over a month.

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