I don't deserve to exist

I’m surrounded by all these wonderful, supportive people and I feel like I’m just wasting everyone’s time.


I ruin everything

I feel that way sometimes. Can guarantee I’m a worse person.

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I feel like I’m an anchor around my wife’s neck from time to time. She’s been great about dealing with my illness. I disclosed my diagnosis on our second date. Figured if I was going to shoo her off, may as well do it early on. Anyway, I guess what I’m ineffectively trying to say is you’re loved. You’re someone’s child. Maybe a brother/sister/whatever.

We as seriously mentally ill need to come to grips with the fact that the stars didn’t line up perfectly for us for whatever reason, but we are also a victim of our own thinking. Some people have cured cancer by positive thought. Not saying you can think your way out of schizophrenia, but you can elevate yourself mentally out of the rut you’re in.


You’re never wasting my time @anon2818416 im here for you anytime you need.


Thanks @Hanna_Foxx :heart:

You feel like you’re wasting their time because you are in a withdrawal and would really rather be alone. Nothing against either of you. It’s a condition of sz.

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my cousin Molly thought she was a burden,

and she killed herself. She suffered chronic depression.

If these thoughts of yours persist,
please call doc’s nurse.


@anon2818416 Thanks for sharing this. I been feeling the same way. I hope it passes.

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I think it is a common thought, to be a burden, not just for people with mental illness, but for people who are needy for whatever reason.

I wouldn’t get depressed about it though. If the tables were turned I would be there for other people who needed something from me. And I try to contribute what I can. Ofcourse I wish I was in a position to contribute more, but just remember most people don’t mind helping and supporting others.

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@cdwithdcs @anon40540444 @PinCushion @Daze @Kxev @Mr_Hope

Thanks all. I don’t know if I’m feeling better today, but I’m going to try to make the most of it


well, it’s the weekend, so health care is out til Monday.

What’s on your agenda for today?

your not wasting anyones time, we appreciate you.


I don’t know, it’s snowing pretty hard here. Might just have to curl up in bed with a book

Thank you for saying that

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no problem enjoy your day, dont worry. have fun.

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that sounds good, but I didn’t mean to stay away from this forum, but sometimes you’ve got to do things or things you’ve always loved, and not give that up. I think I’m also giving advice for myself here, ha.

you know, that’s who Hitler killed first, the disabled, eugenics. I have two disabled kids,

and they have a lot of worth, they got nothing on my son,
he’s so patriotic, and always tries his best, rarely gives up.

If you’re getting that message of shouldn’t from society of you shouldn’t exist
I hope you realize that there is much more special things
to you than a damn illness. I know it gets hard,
and we don’t always have to be an inspiration.
I see it this way for myself,
I made it to 51, just keep going.

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I think you’re a valuable member of this forum and you do matter.

Hope you feel better soon enough :penguin:

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@anon2818416 I can relate. My neuropsych who treated me after the accident seemed to think the world of me, was always supporting me and always telling me what a great guy I am.

I couldn’t believe her at the time. I could not accept compliments, only criticism. I just felt like a bag of crap.

But I’m glad I stuck it out, because I feel much better today. It just takes time and patience. Please try to believe that you are a worthwhile person, whether in feels that way right now or not. Others see us more clearly than we do ourselves sometimes, when we are depressed

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