I don’t tell I am schizophrenic better


Say I have psychological disorder…:slight_smile: I don’t like labels


I would call it “my disease”, “my condition”, or talk about “ppl like me who suffer from ‘severe mental illness’”. “Rare disease”, “Mental illness”, “genetic disease”. “I’m a little quirky”, “Sz mixed with bipolar”, “my disability” “paranoid schiz”, “social anxiety”, “paranoia”…

Idk, I wanna be frank, honest and proud.

It might be the hypomania…:thinking::confused:


I don’t tell anyone. I don’t need that discrimination in my life


It really is a terrible word ‘schizophrenia’ if instead of the word ‘puppy’ you used the word ‘schizophrenic’ everyone would be terrified of cute little dogs :wink:


It will make your life more interesting


Yeah, I utterly hate labels too…
I don’t let anyone know that I am sick(besides my mom and 2 docs). That way if they don’t know then they can’t give me crap about it.