I don’t recall doing some things

Apparently I downloaded a few dating apps when I got sick and I don’t remember … but I do remember I wanted him to find someone else … I don’t remember thinking he was my gp which I told him … I also thought he was on the ward as other people and mistook people for other people !!! Thought it was face blindness but probably me trying to feel safe among a bunch of strangers.

I know I tried to run away to America thought my partner was gonna meet me at station


People said i was talking to the phone with nobody on the line with a smile i cant recall that it happened two times…

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It was pretty scary cos I don’t remember 80 percent of what happened I seryiouslt thought I have memory loss

I thought you were going to take a 3 week break @anon80629714?

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No I didn’t say three week break @wave I was writing too much but I’m responding to other stuff rather than just focusing on me

Or I don’t remember

It takes time for the Abilify to fully work.
In the meantime take things slow @anon80629714


It’s working I’m just being told the things I’ve done … added 4000 people on Facebook created multiple insta accounts and talked to people from the past telling them I liked them


Hope you are doing well, @anon80629714


I’m applying for pip there isn’t anyway I’m working until I’ve worked on unresolved trauma

At the time i thought it was mind control or something because the voices said people were trying to use me by controlling me maybe i thought they were doing it and thats why i was talking with nobody?

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Are you in communication with your partner?

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I hope your boyfriend is being supportive during this time. Feel better, Ish.


Yes we are together but I feel he could do better it barely happens between is

It got better once I spoke on video cos we not allowed to meet

For a while just take it easy.
I’ll be honest with you @anon80629714, as much as I like to see you on here, I don’t think you should be posting a lot right now.

You need some more time to relax and heal.

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I’ll take the advice @Wave I’ll be back in a few days


Take as much time as you need.
Well be here!

Did you take any drugs? Especially alcohol or benzodiazepines.

It could be a dissociative disorder, ie. multiple personality. I have that myself.


i hope you feel better soon when you take some time to relax and reflect.

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