I didn't understand good and evil

How was I supposed to have a choice to be good or evil when I didn’t understand?

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do you understand now? Now you can choose. We can all choose good everyday. I’ve met evil and would never want to be that. I would rather die.

I fortunately gained a lot of insight before I took the plunge, which I still haven’t taken tbh. I still fight for the right decision everyday. no one should have to make an uninformed decision.

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It’s not a black & white thing. Good people do evil things and evil people do good things sometimes.
But it’s a mixture. Good may be stronger in some people than others and evil may be strong in people like serial killers and rapists but even the most horrible, cruel dictator or mass murderer may love their dogs and cats and donate money to kids. Its a damn confusing world we live in.


It’s really more of a philosophical question isn’t it. Morals and good and bad. What defines it? It varies from person to person.

For me I think good is petting a dog.
Evil is kicking the dog.

But as @77nick77 said, there is a lot of bad people who love animals and children, so I guess that isn’t a good comparison.

I think people are generally good, they can just do evil things.

Hitler was supposedly very kind and gentle to children. He also was a vegetarian who loved animals. Yet he commited inhumane crimes against humanity.

So yeah, it’s not black and white.


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