Do you think there is some goodness in everything/everyone?

I think there may be.


Good and bad are two sides of the same coin so you really can’t have one without the other.

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Anne Frank thought so.

There’s a famous quote on it.

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Yes i think too, there is goodness in everthing in all how i pre see it, and also in everyone, example if one incidents hurts me i always see bad side of them, but if i give another chance i would know how good is that person.


yes even in the devil

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I believe that some people are purely bad, negative and horrible, but still have SOME good traits.

There is no possibility to be 100% bad


Good and bad are necessary opposites you can’t have one without the other, just like you can’t have up without a down.

Yèah I belive everyone is good at heart, deep inside, but there are situations that brings out the worse in everybody. If things would be going according to what everyone would wish in general bad would’t happend, but people are stressed out most of the time and they react to little disturbances.

I know there is good in everyone.

Yes there is. Because everyone wants to be happy and happy ppl just don’t want to hurt ppl. Unfortunately many ppl are not happy and they cope in ways that are destructive to others. But happy ppl wouldn’t wanna hurt ppl


How do ya know that you know

Most people are good to some people and bad hateful harmful to people.

I want a world where all people are good to more people and hate less.

‘There is good in everyone’ seems like a naive statement to me.


Yes i think there is some good even in the worst people, for instance evil people can be good to their loved ones.

I’ve come to that opinion from experience and just like anything you have to take it on faith.

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I have experiences goodness from others and that gives me hope.

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I think bad people can do good things. But not necessarily have a good heart. For example a serial killer may be a very talented artist.

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Most have good and bad.

Some people are so hurt, that they do a lot of bad. From pain or fear. But their (child) core is still good. Even if it cannot be reached, you can feel there is something good hidden there.

Some people are born psychopaths. I saw them do or say things that made me think there is no good in their core. They could do superficial good things. But the core is not good. That can mean they do violent and illegal things. But it could also show by a casual remark, e.g. “i want to go into the army, because it seems interesting to be allowed to kill people”. Or a detail, e.g. a guy I know watching movies of true people getting hurt in gruelsome ways, as if it was a fun curiosity, without any discomfort. I think wanting to connect to the soft core of someone who has none, is the best way to get yourself terribly hurt.


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