I did say some horrible things

I am culpable to some degree for saying some horrible things. I probably shouldn’t have. I said them because I was frantic with rage at the way people were trying to force sexual relationships on me that I absolutely did not want. With the exception of one time that wasn’t deliberate, I never singled any one person out and said, “You, personally, are an excresence.” I’ll answer honestly for my transgressions if they’ll answer honestly for theirs. And I did get an easy ride for a long time - plenty of food stamps, and all that. But there was always someone there, brushing against my ass trying to break down my resistance to sexual relations I absolutely did not want. Maybe I have singled out women too much. That happened because the people most responsible were smart enough to get women to do their dirty work for them. They held back and didn’t engage in the personal affronts I found so infuriating. I’ll deal with them when the time come.

Somehow you are more open now. I suppose it is good. Sometimes being patient is a virtue.

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You’re right, but I don’t know if I can maintain when I’m off my med’s. I took my med’s last night and this morning, and I took a shower this morning. But I can’t survive on the street on my med’s.

Huh? Are you on the streets?

No. I don’t think I’m going to have to go out there after all. I took my med’s last night and this morning.