I could not say

For perhaps 20 years I was unable to engage in a thoughtful verbal exchange. I also may have been unable to think. There may be others I know with this problem. I had to be coaxed by a social worker to start expressing myself. Looking back, it was unfair and it angers me.

How old are you.I don’t think you’re like what you posted.There might been some moments that you were able to communicate.You expressed it to forum

Hi, Zoa. I am now 62 years old and this process I am writing about occurred from about age 20 to age 40. It was worst in the earlier years and my breakdown occurred at age 25. As I now recollect, I was barely able to talk about anything. I was blessed with a support system. I now remember this problem and I see it in a few other people. I can only explain it now as being “non-verbal.” And as such I did not have the tools to react and defend myself from my illness.
But to be honest, I recognize that the Spirit was with me and working with me from the inside. Years later I can say that He perhaps knew best how to manage me.
I am looking back today.

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Sorry to hear this.But you can communicate on forum.Glad to see your a man of Faith.

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