I could handle that stuff way back then

I don’t do drugs. I don’t care if anyone else uses them as a long as they’re not doing them around me, or I would love to use all the knowledge I learned in years of going AA to help someone who wants to quit and needs support.

OK, I got that out of the way. But as I’m sitting in the dining room right now I’m thinking back on my four years crack addiction. My life was sh*t back then. I’m talk about a long, long time ago.

I would never want to go back to doing drugs but what strikes me about back then is that in a weird way, i could accept all the bullsh*t of the drug addict lifestyle. I did stuff back then that if I did it just one time now, would send me in a tailspin.

I spent one measly day in jail back then. I was in with criminals and murderers and stuff and it didn’t faze me. If I had to go to jail for one day, now it would be a catastrophe that would change the course of my life and be traumatic

Going out in public is difficult now or meeting new people or making friends. Back then I partied with strangers all the time. I got clubbed before, cheated out of money, carjacked. It happened and I didn’t like it but it didn’t faze me or change my life. So much bad stuff happened to me. I was just blase about it. I would tell myself, “Oh well” and the next day I was back in the same places and the incidents were forgotten.

Being spontaneous back then was easy too. I could be awakened by friends at two in the morning.when I was on my own and get up and go to a club or drive 10 miles to the worst cities for drugs. If I did that once now it would be a huge deal.

It’s just weird to me how my life has changed. I can’t take a lot of things in stride anymore. I guess when I was doing drugs that I just accepted that bad things happened to me.

I could handle bad stuff back then. Now, I can’t.


I’m with you. I just can’t handle the party drugs anymore. Nearly all my mates do drugs and they act normal like the drugs have no negative on them. Oh well. I kinda wish I could keep up with them, but I just can’t.

We’re going through a rough patch with an addicted/alcoholic family member. He is stealing from the rest of the family. When confronted he denies it. Its like it never happened. Hes either in complete denial/lying that he did it and that any of the other bad stuff happened or he’s just plain forgotten.

I’m the same way nick

Driving into the ghetto and approaching random people asking for drugs…sketchy people. I did all kinds of crazy ■■■■. They liked me too. Now I’m scared about driving into a bad neighborhood :scream:

And the drugs itself I could handle now it’s just not fun…or wasn’t.

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