Just speaking for MYSELF

Well, I don’t miss drugs or alcohol. I honestly don’t spend more than four or five seconds at a time maybe once a month or once every three months thinking on how great drugs or alcohol are. I realy don’t. I don’t let my thoughts go down that path. And all my involvement in12-step programs gets credit. But it even says in AA, or CA literature that when we got clean from our addiction, that the drugs or alcohol was still working. And by working I mean we still enjoyed the actual high, but the price we had to pay if we kept using was possibly (direct quote) : ‘Jails, institutions, or death." I didn’'t like the places drugs took me, and I hung out with the worst crowd. Violent felons, con men, hardcore addicts, liars, cheats.In fact my misery when I was using was so strong, it still motivates me to this day, 24 years later, clean and sober to not hang around with anybody who uses and not to tempt myself in any way. . Like someone said (Surprised maybe?) we tend to romanticize our using, years after the fact. Sure it’s amusing in a dark humor kind of way, to tell people that while I was using one day someone snuck up behind me in a park and broke a wine bottle over my head and took $60.00 off of me. Or how I traded a strangers car to a drug dealer for a few rocks. The stranger didn’t know it. The dealer thought it was mine but he swore he would hunt me down and kill me if he ever found out the car was hot. Using has a price to pay… I for one am not willing to pay that price so I avoid drugs.