I could get along with either of my folks alone but neither when together

They were just too different from each other so their being together put me in conflict about which one to please. If they were alone, I could adjust to what I knew they liked.

I always had a problem getting along with my mother and aunt when they were together. I got along well with each alone but when they were together it was a nightmare.

When my parents were together they believed that a child should be seen and not heard…that made it impossible to get the attention of both at the same time. I loved my mother very much and I used to do washing, gardening and shopping with her. My dad always overloaded me with unpleasant tasks so I avoided him most of the time.

I get along with my parents when with both. It’s my in laws I have trouble getting along with. When its just my mother in law I can get along okay with her if my father in law is around he feels the need to put me down whenever he is home plus me makes me do the unpleasant chores, garbage, clean the bathroom after he makes stains in the toilet and clean up the dog poop in the backyard.

It’s known as a triangle in family therapy language.

@cbbrown I’ll be so glad when your father-in-law disappears from your life somehow.

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