I caught a cat and then it destroyed my home and my spirit

I was trying to catch this cat for a few weeks. I basically kept putting a dish of food closer and closer to my door each day:

Eventually I was able to put the dish inside my living room with the door open. The cat would come exactly at 8:30 every single morning, so I just sat behind the door with my computer. When it came in I kicked the door close and scared it (and me). That was my first mistake.


The cat ran underneath my sofa and wouldn’t get out. When I tried to pet it it became super and I mean SUPER aggressive. It was basically roaring at me like a lion and hissing so hard spit was flying out.

Then it started screaming like a banshee and I got scared my neighbor would think I captured a person and call the cops. So I wrapped myself in blankets, put on gloves, and safety glasses so the beast wouldn’t tear me to smithereens. This was my second mistake.


I didn’t realize the blankets would give the cat something to hold on to and it came at me like a wrecking ball. It was like the Tazmanian Devil and it triggered PTSD (I’m a combat veteran) so I started screaming for help because honestly I didn’t know what the ■■■■ was going on anymore or even who I was.

Because my door was still opened my neighbor ran in. He instinctively tackled me and punched me in the back of the head but because the cat was still attached it started attacking him too. Because everything was happening so fast he thought it was a dog and grabbed my shovel and started swinging at everything.

Eventually it ran out the door. Now I have a broken sofa and window and my neighbor thinks I’m crazy. All I was trying to do was take care of a ■■■■■■■ cat. Have you ever captured a stray animal?


Oh my god. If it weren’t for all the bad stuff this would have been hilarious to watch. I’m sorry your stuff is broken and you got punched, though. That really sucks.

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That sounds like a palaver
Quite a funny story thanks
I’ve come across some vicious cats but not that bad
My parents had a cat who hated men in particular
When it lived with them it would hide and if you went near it it would hiss
It lives with my sister now down south

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wow. I will make sure to keep my distance from stray cats

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funny story. sorry for the damages man. but it was funny.


You were doing a nice thing by feeding the cat but once you stepped over the line and trapped it you were no longer doing a nice thing. I would have reacted the same as the cat. The minute you slammed the door you became a predatory threat. I’m glad you’re ok and that the cat got away.
Hopefully you both learned a lesson and that you’ll both recover just fine.


As I was cleaning up I started laughing so it’s all good. My neighbor came back and apologized too, he just thought I was being attacked and just reacted. I was pretty heavily blanketed so the punch didn’t hurt me physically as much as it did spiritually lol

@Hedgehog I definitely won’t be doing that again, if the cat was any bigger it could have been worse. It felt like it was really trying to kill me

The cat thought the same thing about you (that you were trying to kill it). :blush: I’m really glad you’re ok. Your neighbor is very reactive and violent! I’m glad he apologized.
All’s well that ends well.

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Oh man. I’ve befriended, socialized, and rehomed so many stray cats in my life, but I’ve never had something like that happen. Glad you’re okay and I hope all the damage is easily repaired.


Id imagine if it reacted like that it was probably fully feral

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I’m so sorry to laugh but you have such a way with words :joy::clap:t3:


Sorry for your troubles. Hope you can recover soon.

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I too took in a feral cat once and it terrorized us until we had it put down. at least the cat is gone now.

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I found that story halarious! :laughing: I’m sorry that cat wrecked your home, what an epic fail but it happens, I’m sure that cat will never come nearby again lol


Hands down, the most hilarious story I’ve seen in years on this site. Every bit of it was funny.


Oohhh the stories i could teeelllll you!!!###

I worked in kennels, vet tech, groomer, trainer, vet assist, etc for over 20 years.

(We have to be able to touch the animal in order to treat it.)

Yes, kitties can be mean. I have seen and had many a ferrel cat snap on to my welders gloves and hang on with strength and viciousness of a tiny tiger.

Your blanket was olny half a mistake. You muat be MORE aggresssive than the cat in though and action:

The blanket * might* have kept some injuries away (from you). But i would have used it for and on the cat, not me.

Too little too late, i know. Honestly, it is probably best the cat got away. To state the obvious, he is difficult to handle beyond the average person.

I hope a gentler cat finds his way to you.

ps. Please tell me me he didnt bite you??? That will turn into a nasty abcess if it is anything more than a love nibble. If he did sink in, go to the doctor and get it flushed out(cleaned well). Youll probably get some antibiotic too.

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