Bored out of my mind. We got a cool cat though

I drove at night to the drive-thru restaurant. And nothing happened! I didn’t die, no one bugged me.
Yeah, we have a community cat here. Nice cat, i don’t know if it’s a male or female but its really friendly. Except it scared me. I was petting it tonight and everything was fine. I turned and walked away and it jumped on my leg! WTH!!?? I shooed it off but this better not be a regular habit. Bored out of my mind.


you got a new friend there haha

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Usually when I’m petting my cat and he had enough or wants to play, he bites me. He doens’t really know how strong he is, so he hurts.

Cats are just like that, he’s probably just getting to know you :smile:

Merry Christmas


I have a cat like that…I know him too well though. I know exactly when he’s going to do that. lol.

Even when his claw gets caught in my sleeve, he used to shred me for that, now we just kind of work it out until it gets uncaught…it’s tense but no shredding of skin anymore.

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Man. The number of friendly scratches I’ve gotten from cats over the years. I’ve lost count!