I can't sleep or don't want to sleep

I can’t sleep I can’t do it I can’t do it. I am so full of anxiety. I want to fight them so badly but I know it will be deeply unpleasant. Also I think since I am prepared to fight they won’t attack tonight so I have to be prepared every night but they’ll probably just wait for me to forget or be off guard. I just can’t sleep…I’m so sick of the nightmares…i can’t sleep…I’m scared…they are so awful to me…I have to fight but it’s very hard…I will do my best…but I am scared to sleep


Talk with your doctor. Benzo’s are great for helping you sleep or get over that ledge and getting to sleep but are highly addictive. There’s also other things out there like ambien etc…they can have some weird side effects too!

Seriously. Antipsychotics are good for sleeping so you have to keep an eye on it! It’s not unusual but you need to sleep!

Get onto your psydoc and have a chat! It’s important to sleep and not sleeping can be due to other things like psychosis!

A friend in the struggle,


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