I can't sleep... and question

Well I’m having a horrid time sleeping tonight. In just a few hours I gotta call my pdoc cause of problems I’ve been having at work… I hate it when I have problems but then again I bet most of us hate it when they have problems… my mind is muttering atm… It’s almost like a train wreck… or a traffic jam I guess is a better way of describing it… thinking has started taking me a while… even now ever so often I’m having to stop and slow down for a second… is this part of sz?
Btw don’t know where to put this so please don’t be mad for where I put it.

Sounds odd. hehehe

Why fight it if you can’t sleep? Get up and do something boring like housework.That’d put me to sleep fast.

Can’t I’ll wake mom… I’m full of energy… need… help? Confused.

Do some yoga, quietly. Tear apart some poor outdated electronic device- quietly… or get a fat phonebook and rip it to shreds- quietly.

You need an outlet to burn off that excess energy…quietly.
Sheesh, hope your mom isn’t like mine, I’d rather hit a hibernating grizzly bear in the behind with a hot poker than wake her after she has gone to bed. Not quite the same tho, a grizzly bear would be nicer.

Haha mom is understanding lot of time… idk what to do though. Mom get mad at most those ideas.

Use some of that energy to think up something that will work.

How can she get mad at yoga?

I’m trying.1515