I can't live alone...too much stupid stuff happens

I am always blowing things out of proportion like, for instance, this morning when my dog Max would only take a couple steps if he got up and biting at his testicles…I thought…call the vet…my wife was asleep…mistake…so I called the vet and got pricing on blood work and an exam by the vet and then later woke up my wife because he wasn’t getting any better…turns out our flea trtmnt. we gave him wasn’t working because his hind legs and inner legs were covered in fleas…we immediately applied skin so soft and the fleas all died…thank goodness for my wife…I apologized to the vet again later on the phone and got pricing to put the dogs on vet prescribed flea meds.


Anxiety causes me to Catastrophize constantly. It never stops.

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Wow never thought of skin so soft on the dog. Glad things are ok.

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Can you not get flea preventive?

Those meds are expensive. I use a service for monthly treatments. $12 amounts

Wags Advance from Petfriendly


@CoCo yes we were using PetArmour brand flea preventative. it doesn’t work. and is more expensive than what the vet is going to give us so it won’t be any added cost to do it…really happy now actually…

@anon4362788 thank you…

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