I can't get used to two

I have a big sister who never wanted me to copy her. So I have trouble with the idea of two. Two girls. Can’t there be two of a kind? Not according to her. I’ve got to stop letting her control me.

Me and my sister are complete opposits of each other. Just walk your own path and don’t let anyone control you. Be yourself. Me and my sister are very good friends, I think much is because we let each other be as we are.

Well, the problem was I wanted to have the same qualities as she had and that is what she resented. I guess it’s just sibling rivalry. I robbed her cradle. I should have a smart remark like “What’s the matter, don’t you like to see yourself in other people?”

What are your qualities? Why are you not happy to be you?

I don’t think you understand, that when I have her qualities of happiness and confidence and security she walks all over me. I feel crushed like a bug. Have you never heard of a domineering older sibling?

Oh. Now I understand. I’m the older sibling. I’d never do that to my sis. She has qualities I’d love to have but that is hers. I can’t be her.

Maybe you need to stay away from her for a while? Until you are strong enough she can’t crush you like a bug?

I am away from her. It’s just bad memories, I have a big problem with them. We talk on the phone once a week and she is in charge of my annuity. So I can’t cut myself off from her completely. Besides, there are other people who are just like her. I have work to do on myself.

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