I can't get at my money

It’s been two weeks and I still haven’t gotten my replacement debit card… I earn tips at my job and I’ve made it through thus far…

but now I’m really resenting the situation as I can’t even feed myself.

It’s like damn it… I kept holding out… It’ll be here tomorrow… oh I mean it’ll have to be here tomorrow… a week later… damn it all I have is peanut butter?

I keep throwing my days earned fliff at my paypal debt… trying to do what’s right for me… holding out to get access to that 50 dollars in my checking… and it’s like ■■■■… this is unfair

I have money… you know like I ain’t lying… I have some money… I’m not broke, but da-■■■ I can spend it? I can’t get at it? First world problem for sure, but damn… not fun to know I’ll be hungry for the next 7 hours or so… about to go scrap up some change for the second or third time in the last couple days.

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I’ve lost about 8 debit cards. A couple of times I lose one a week after I had just gotten a replacement. Ali I can say is that my Bank of America replacement cards would come in the mail in a very plain, nondescript envelope.
I used to get junk mail from my bank that I would rip up without opening them. I threw away a couple of replacement cards like that… Also, when I lost my cards, I would go to the closest branch in person and order a new card and my bank would give me a temporary card right then and there until my new permanent one arrived in the mail and then I would cut up the temporary card and throw it away.


I haven’t had a piece of lettered mail in a week or two… serisouly man… I do well to avoid mailing lists, but I’m getting pretty tired of walking out to an empty dry box every day…

attaboy Nick! I want to say… (love hearing from you)… (anything you think sucks about life… nick knew about it first! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)(he’s already over it too)


I put in for a replacement debit card, and the woman who handles the mail at our facility didn’t want to let me have it when it arrived in the mail. It caused me problems. She wouldn’t have let me have it at all if a caseworker hadn’t made her give it to me.


Can you go to your bank and just withdraw some cash in the meantime ?

Also when I’ve lost my debit card I ask them to rush it and they send it 2 day fedex. Might be a charge for that maybe not too

I’ll keep that in mind. I’ve been into my bank so many times this week. That part has gotten old.

that’s unfortunate, azley. i hope things get better quicker.

Call the bank’s credit card department (it’s on their website) and ask to speak with a manager.

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7 hours has since passed. :atm:

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You can go inside ur bank and get a temporary replacement card if u really need it.

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I will gladly pay you tomorrow for a cheeseburger today.

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