I can't concentrate

I have a big translation job. Deadline one week, 15.000 words. 401 columns.

I just can’t focus. Normally on these jobs, I do about 30 columns an hour. I’ve sat here for 4 hours and only done 20 :sob:

My mind keeps wandering. I’m restless. I’ve haf some coffee, but it just mad me more restless.

How do I make myself get on with it?


Maybe you need to give yourself a scheduled break. Like “for the next 20 minutes I will not think aboutthe project. Then I will work on it for 5 minutes then take a 5 minute break.”


Btw moved to school and work

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If caffeine doesn’t work, stimulants like Ritalin and Adderrall are much stronger. My pdr told me that concentration issues are common in sz.

I think my only problem is negative symptoms as I had no real concentration issues off meds or on Abilify when my negative symptoms were less. But before sz my concentration was a lot better, even my teachers told me that I have super concentration.

it’s impressive you still manage to do that job !
I hope it gets easier again though.

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That is a pretty demanding job. Your doing great. We all have good days and not so good days so be easy on yourself :slight_smile:

I was on adhd meds as a teen, due to a wrong diagnosis. All it did was make me nervous and give me permanent tics


Ugh I’m losing focus today. I do one column, take a break, do two more, take a break… I’ll never finish in time at this rate

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