I can't believe it's been twenty years

Since I moved out of the board & care home. I lived there from 1990-95. It was some of my most productive years. I remember my stay there like it had happened just last month.

When I moved in, I had just gotten clean and I had been working at my job for two months. I was going to AA meetings and eventually I would be taking the bus to 5 or 6 meetings a week. Shortly after I moved in I enrolled in a community college. The owner of the home did not allow any resident to have or drive a car. My job was quite a ways away so I got myself up every morning and took the bus for an hour to my job and then back again. Anyway, those were good years and by the time I had been there five years I had so much confidence (or blind stupidity?) that I moved out on my own and I lived independently until about 6 months ago. So I lived on my own for twenty years. Anyway, time flies, life goes on.