I can't always be positive

I try to always stay positive but its too hard given my very bad situation stuck in bed 24/7. Sometimes I am negative about life. I can’t help it.


I fail at everything I do.

I definitely have little pitty parties for myself from time to time,

But you can’t be negative all the time.

I know that you absolutely can get out of that bed and do stuff.

It’s just going to take work and baby steps.

You’re a smart guy, you know you’re the only thing standing in your way.

Get out of your head and just get up.

Go for a walk, make those first steps.

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I did on Abilify and on dopamine boosting supplements but they worsen psychosis and make me angry all the time.

It seems so strange that was your experience on abilify. I was mostly bed bound on abilify. And I put on a lot of weight. Just shows we’re all very different I guess. In how we respond to meds individually. Wish there was a solution for you. I did read the other day though that goal setting can naturally increase dopamine function. But I don’t know if it’s correct for people on meds.

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Don’t have to be in positive all the time,
be in the sweet spot and you get to choose to be negative or positive inclination,
I, many times type in negative topics and then delete them even before posting,
Its a good realisation in process of deleting.
One of my friend said,
I either search a job for the lowest paid or the highest paid, and he also said there are many jobs in the middle as well, If I just search for it.
Find and reach your sweet spot, and decide which side you like to incline.

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