'I can run faster than him': Running to gain control over schizophrenia


Aerobic exercise is known to help schizophrenia. Not a substitute for meds obviously.


The healthiest I’ve ever been was when I ran 3.2 miles daily. I was on no medication at the time and I had complete recovery between episodes for two years. Unfortunately after a bad breakup with a girl I relapsed and suffered another psychotic episode.
I’m a big believer in exercise for the mind and body.
If they would just make a medicine that we could exercise on and feel the benefits that would be a game changer.
Here’s to ITI 007 coming out later on in the year!

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Your experience with losing a girlfriend gives me an idea. Maintain your single person type routines (which I read comprise 40% of our happiness) even when you are in a relationship, so it doesn’t hit you as hard when it ends.

I wish I could run all day but that’s not happening on these antipsychotics. I love a good run though… when I’m not chilled out on meds.

I ran a lot, when young.

now I can’t.

I’m a bit sick today, so I can’t run. But yeah, running has a lot of benefits for those who have schizophrenia. Better cognition is one of them.


I just walked two miles in the cold and then ate a rack of ribs


Very nice! I prefer cold than heat. I love winter :D!