I can give up the booze and cola but I can't give up my coffee

Coffee makes me happy.




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I have given up the booze and most of the cola and coffee. I refuse to entirely give up the last two.

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I don’t drink on meds except for the rare 1 beer on occasions like holidays. I don’t drink cola either but drink juice. I need my caffeine pills to stay awake, Dr suggested Modafinil. I need to stop vaping nicotine though as I read it can worsen sleep apnea. Thing is I have nothing to do in my day so I vape.

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Coffee is like medicine. Need it. But I did notice they only served decaf in the hospitals I’ve been in.

I don’t drink coffee as I can’t tolerate it, makes me irritable and agitated.

I was only allowed decaf cola when I was in hospital. At home I was drinking 12 330mil cans a day. I had cravings and withdrawals on decaf cola.

I can vouch 4 this.


I never could get used to the taste of coffee; I don’t drink it. I’ve had Coffee Crisp chocolate bars—they’re good!

I don’t drink alcohol. Luckily, I stayed away from it because I knew I had an addictive personality. I used to have caffeinated tea, but I quit that this year, and I feel so much more relaxed (though, less alert). I only have herbal tea now, but I put 3-4 packettes of splenda in it (instead of white sugar)…this is my vice.

I used to have cola too, regularly at times, but it started to make me sick. The last one I had set my insides on fire (it was a raspberry coke). I never touched it again.

I also quit having 100 mg of dark chocolate a day, a few months ago, and lost 12 lbs (with the help of Ozempic, a diabetes drug).

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Yes. The number one reason to avoid hospitals. You should see the cardiac diet I get stuck on when I’m in the hospital (it includes a caffeine restriction). My trick for better food is to list myself as an observant Jew. They have to bring in Kosher food for you, which is much better than the hospital cooked crap.


I was lucky. Most of the hospitals I went to were tiny and had home cooked meals that were pretty good. Some were crap though. Once I got stuck on low sodium diet and it was awful.

That’s all I’ve ever gotten.

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Oh yuck, I try to limit salt by not adding any but you have to have some.

Had that debate with several cardiologists. My current one says I should simply view food as fuel and not as a source of pleasure. Reminded him that I’m a certified chef and if that’s how he expects me to live, just hand over a shotgun so I can eat the business end as my final meal. His way of living ain’t living.


I can imagine with all that talent it would be hard to limit yourself on flavor.

im starting to think i prefer cola to coffee. my go to is either dr.pepper or diet coke.

I gave up alcohol/cigs/weed/cola a long time ago, everything except coffee and tea, I don’t think I could give up those things either.

Very occasionally I will have a cola, like they had cherry coke zero a while ago at the store and I had a couple cans. I occasionally drink coke slushees they sell at the gas station, but again that is rare, they are loaded with sugar and I am diabetic.

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So, why give up coffee? It’s supposed to be good for you.

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