I came out

For almost four years I kept my diagnosis secret and during this time I also imposed my own exile from society. Before I became unwell, I was vibrant, social, I worked and had many friends, but when this illness was afflicted, I disappeared. I changed my number and also removed all social media profiles.

Two months ago I was given the opportunity to fulfil a dream of mine to give a TED X talk and I used this opportunity address the stigma with mental ill health but also to tell my friends and family who did not know why I had to disappear. This was met with such positive reactions. And, just this weekend I reactivated my Facebook and posted the link to my talk, I was anxious but i subsequently received innumerable private messages from friends who also suffer from conditions who also felt they had to hide and keep it quiet, including many responses from both acquaintances and old friends who have shown unprecedented support.

I write this post for those of you, who once like myself, may be too ashamed or afraid to be themselves, to tell others in fear of rejection. Your time will come when you will no longer feel afraid. I now feel free, previously this secret kept me enslaved.

If you do want to watch, here is my talk:


I watched it, it was really well presented. You spoke well and did a good job of getting your point across.

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Thank you very much. That means a lot

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I watched it, very good job, you spoke calmly and clearly bravo bravo :clap::clap::clap: :clap:
Edit: if it was me up there I would be freaking out


I am trying to improve my level of functioning but I won’t hide that I have schizophrenia.


@Chess24 you may not hide it but there are people like me who only let very select few people know what I have, I always fear stigma because I am bipolar and a lot of people think not only severe mood swings but violent as well when that isn’t the case at all I am very sweet I just go from sad to happy to sad and so on in a snap it’s good that you’re open about what you have but some of us have a hard time saying maybe their reaction won’t be bad. I’m from the Bible belt Arkansas USA to be exact and when someone hears or reads the words I’m mentally ill or I have bipolar or even schizophrenia that person probably won’t be your friend, Ally, or even want to talk to you any more


Thank you very much! Regardless of how I may appear inside I was breaking down. I internalise well, so it helps in these circumstances. But just before, I walked on stage, in the backroom, I was so nervous I forgot my lines, I almost could not pursue it.


I shall watch it just now

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That was the same issue I had for 3 three years, there are many exercises that helped me. Especially reading and writing. Believe this or not, playing the word game on this site helped, when I had my old account

Anybody can look me up

And find out
I published a book about it

I’ve always been very open
But I was harassed out of a job
Over it

In my opinion worse than sexual harassment.

Anyway good for you breaking stigma.


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@Qwerty hey now we might do things a little different than most people might have a little slower life especially when it comes to the smaller towns don’t mean you should be cursing about us

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I am very sorry to learn about your experience. How did you cope?

@I_am_not_here Thank you for sharing your TEDx talk. I watched it and it was very well done. It’s really wonderful that your friends have sent you supportive messages.

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Hi, @I_am_not_here!

I’m also gay and have schizophrenia. I sometimes get criticized for not knowing gay culture or gay history well enough. Although I’m in no way uninterested or ignorant, I guess I just don’t identify as strongly with this label as most other gay people I meet. I really enjoyed your talk. Thank you for posting it.


Drinking. 1515151515

Not sure what happened, but between seeing the link to your video and coming back to see it a couple days later, it brought up a guy in what looked like some kind of religious recruitment video.

This was all on my iPhone. Would I have better luck on a PC? Or is there something I need to do on my phone?

Caveats: my 20 yo daughter is the reason I’m at this site. She also has Down syndrome. I have a TBI & might have done something wrong trying to get the video.


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@EsDad I’d like to encourage you to join our forum for Family and Caregivers that can be found at:

While this is a peer support forum for people with schizophrenia and other closely related psychotic disorders, the Family forum is specifically for people like yourself, who have a loved one they are concerned about.

Also, please let your loved one know about this forum as they may find it helpful.

Best of luck,

Volunteer Moderator

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well done :clap: :clap: :clap:

That looked like it took a lot of courage to stand up there in front of all of those people and talk about labels like that, and coming out is a huge thing too, you are very brave.

Coming out for me sort of happened at a time when i felt i had put my illness in the back seat and i could talk about it like i was the narrator and my illness was one of the characters in my life, someone that i was familiar with but didnt speak to that often anymore.

I pray you continue to improve and exceed in all of your endeavours

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Thank you very much :pray:t6:

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