I decided to disclose my self

I decided to disclose my illness to others.Not that I should yell I have sch/sza,but tell my people who I know and who I meet in future that I have it.I’m scared,but in this few days been thinking of win/loose.First thing I decided why to do so is because I want to make new friends.So if someone I meet I tell while we are talking that I have MI,unless he/she doesn’t run away,I can make a progress in communication.Only thing that’s gonna be hard is"they talk",which means that other people will know too,and I’ll never be “talk behind the back” free.

Ive only told my closest friends, I say if you want to disclose for other people then go for it

I told my family about it and have just started telling my friends, and for me it’s been really helpful! They’ve been supportive and ask questions and it’s helped them understand why I usually don’t go hang out very often! If they run that’s their loss, and who cares what they say about you? People talk all the time! I hope everything goes well for you!

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I’ve told a few key people in my life, but i certainly would be very choosy about who i share this information with. Not everyone is understanding or accepting.


I went psychotic at a large workplace, a cricket club and with family and friends. I didn’t miss too many people in my enraged and psychotic self so most folk know I’m a little different.

More power too you and your a brave person. You get to any age nowadays you have some baggage. Sz certainly is a part of that. I think it’s a worry to some if they don’t know or have poor stereotypes. If you can change that with your stance then that is a success.

I think one good success story is a good thing. A poor one a bad but I think overall is the key. Does it make your life less hard? I think that is the barometer when it comes to judging such a stance!


Thanks @nobodyhere @Sezbot241 and @rogueone .

Here where I live there is stigma,large one.People often laugh and mock about people with MI.It’s not my mission to turn that round,rather explaining the one I know and interested to listen.I often heard the stories about mocking someone in front of me telling someone went nuts,and never said a word.I’m gonna stand for my self in that situations.


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