I broke up with my gf for good, just now,

on the phone. We had made plans to move in together (again), and she changed her mind (again), and that was the last straw for me. I just now called her up and told her that our relationship was stagnated and was going nowhere, and that it had been stagnated and going nowhere for a long time now, and that I had just had enough. And that I wanted it all to end. I told her I didn’t want to see or talk to her anymore; although, I would always continue to pray for her and her family. She just said ok, and I hung up on her. I then blocked her phone number.

This is a crossroads for me. The beginning of a new life. I may sign up for a senior dating site. Or, I may start dating that cute little hairdresser that’s been flirting with me.
Or, I may go back to being celibate for God. Who knows? It’s up to me.


Honestly good for you, countless people stay in bad relationships for fear of being alone. Congratulations, may your new life be successful and above all else make you happy


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