I bought my new computer chair

After almost 6 months of saving from my new job I bought myself a new computer chair. I’ve wanted this chair for years but could never afford it. Initially I wanted the older model, but then they came out with a newer model so I ordered the newer model.

What luck that it ships out of Ontario, Canada where I live so it should arrive by next Friday. I can’t wait, it has phenomenal reviews.

I’ve had several crappy computer chairs. I can’t stand my current computer chair. The armrest is broken in half and it irritates my skin if I rest my arm on it, and the seat cushion is flattened out and I’m basically sitting on a piece of wood, my ass hurts when I sit for too long. I put a pillow on the seat it but it’s still not good.

Anyways, here is a stock photo of the chair…


Wow! Fancy. You’re going to be surfing in style my friend.


Congrats! Enjoy your new chair.

Since my last computer chair I bought from Amazon broke, I have been using a folding metal chair. :frowning_face_with_open_mouth: :grimacing:. Not very comfortable!


Thanks, I hope it lives up to the hype.

I have one of those as a backup but it is not very comfortable either

Here is the broken armrest on my current chair, resting my arm on it is much more irritating than it may look…

Yes, mine is like your backup, only mine is gray colored with no padding on the seat.

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There are 3 upholstery types and 6 colours. Which combination did you get and how much did the chair cost you?

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I bought the one in the stock photo I posted. The upholstery is the “Softweave Plus Fabric”. I personally don’t like leather. The colour is called “Cookies & Cream”.

It cost me $669 Canadian Dollars

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Good choice. The leather option drastically increased the price to over $1200 but I wonder if the SoftWeave Plus Fabric can withstand the wear & tear of extreme usage. I would have chose the all black colour myself.

Thanks, I hope it lives up to my expectations.

Yeah, that is insane, no way I would pay that, especially since I’ve never been a big leather fan

I guess time will tell but the reviews from the older model are good and I haven’t read anything about the fabric wearing down so hopefully everything will be fine with this newer model. But between the two models there are over 50,000 reviews and I didn’t read all of them, lol

lol, my mom and brother said the same thing, but when I saw the cookies & cream I had to have it

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nice chair, I don’t like having expensive things I am worried about my new chair I like disappearing with a roommate. I am happy with the new chair I got also.

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Thanks, I’ve wanted it for a long time. I’ve never had a really high end computer chair before.

I live at home with my parents so I don’t need to worry about it being stolen or disappearing.

Cool, that’s what matters.

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Nice chair! I especially love that you made a goal and succeeded at it even though it took a long time. Good job!


Thanks, virtually everything I’ve read about it suggests it is a great chair. Between the older and newer models there are over 50,000 reviews and the average rating is 4.9/5. That is very good.

Thanks! Yeah, I saved a little bit of money every paycheck. I’ve been waiting and saving and the time has finally come. Woohoo! lol


Looks nice! What’s you pc set up like ?

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Cool. I’m impressed!

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It’s a mess. My desk is this old wooden thing my grandfather built by hand back in the 60’s. I have two computers here, my PC and my Linux server. My PC was all lit up blue and the other was lit up green. But I unplugged all the lighting because I replaced the couch in my man cave with a bed and I sleep downstairs now, the lights from the computers were bothering me when I was trying to sleep.

This is a stock photo of my Linux server, when it’s all lit up it is green. Cooler Master Stacker 830 Case.

This is a stock photo of my PC, when it is all lit up it is blue. In Win Dragon Rider Case.

(I don’t want to post real photos because my desk is all messy and its embarrassing, lol)


What Linux distribution are using for your server? Why do you have a server using a household internet connection? Wouldn’t it be better to co-locate that server instead?

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I need a new chair but can’t afford more than 200$cad so I will keep an eye on deals.


I’ve used many distros over the years, I started using Linux back in the late 90’s. I am currently using Ubuntu Server Edition. I don’t use it to host email or a website or anything live on the Internet. If I have a client that wants a website designed I have Apache installed on it to use for development purposes. I mainly use it as a backup server.

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Normally I would have trouble affording even that, but once I got a job my goal was to slowly save up and buy this chair, so I’ve been slowly saving up over the past 5 months.

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