I bought my new computer chair

cool, getting a nice chair is a worthwhile investment that can save your spine and bring you comfort

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I personally have more money now than I did when I was working two jobs because I got back disability pay and have reasonably low expenses now. When I had two jobs, I had a mortgage and was living independently I had car insurance, heating bills and all that.

The only reason I don’t get a new chair is because of the disappointment I felt after buying a new one and having it collapse on me. I don’t feel like a repeat of buying a nice chair and having it fall apart. Maybe I will get a new one soon.

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I’ve been through about 4-5 chairs over the last 20 years, they were all pretty cheap ones on sale at staples or costco. This one has a 3 year warranty and I got the XL version designed for people heavier than me so I am hoping it holds up.

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Wow, that was quick. It’s suppose to be here tomorrow, can’t wait!..

uh oh.

I ordered one from an ad on Facebook over 3 months ago.

it never came.

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That sucks. Did you get your money back? Is there anything you can do about this?

Cool chair I love it

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Thanks @Feather_moon !

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nope. they never sent a confirmation email either,

so I can’t remember what the company was.

The only thing I need now to complete my computer setup is a cool new desk. I’m currently using this old wooden thing my grandfather built by hand back in the 60’s. Maybe I’ll start saving up for that next.

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Sorry to hear that, was it expensive? Hope you didn’t lose a lot of money.

Yes secretlab has desks too. I bought my desk for 169 euro gamers desk

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Looks like a sweet ride, dude!!

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Thanks!, the reviews are great, I hope it lives up to my expectations. My current chair is awful.


What did you pay for it, if you don’t mind my asking? The chair in my studio is crap, kills my back

It was $669 Canadian Dollars. It ships out of Ontario, Canada where I live. I was expecting it on Friday, but I got an email today saying its scheduled for delivery tomorrow!

I’ve been saving up for almost 6 months ever since I got my new job. I wanted the older model for a long time but could never afford it, but they recently came out with a new model so I ordered that instead.

Sorry to hear about your back. With my chair the padding on the seat has worn out and it’s like sitting on a piece of wood. I sit too long and my ass starts hurting, lol

That’s a few bucks, I hope it turns out to be everything you were hoping for. Yeah, I need a good chair my back is fudgy at the best of times

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Yeah, I know. I could never afford it normally. I’ve been on disabilit the last 17 years and my personal income is well below the poverty line. But when I landed a job I made it a goal to save up for this chair.

I hope so too. If the review are to be believed it should be great. Between the older and newer models there are over 50,000 reviews and it averages 4.9/5.

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i like seecret labs league of legends editions kda

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It just arrived. The box is damn heavy, about 85lbs. They dropped it off on my porch and I had trouble lifting the box into the house. I’m have to put it together now. I’ll post some pics once I have it setup.