Gonna get this computer desk

Need something basic, initially thought about getting a gaming computer desk but hell nah.

THis basic one is perfect, metal legs, hard wood top, and plenty of space. For laptops so it’s ideal

The desk I have right now is made of glass, has wheels, and is too small

Semi excited about upgrading, srs


I like your style @Kormo!!

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Assembly should be a breeze, got my tool box ready

Mines a pretty big desk, but i use it for business

yes please don’t get a “gaming” (???) desk.

Neat, hope it’s been working for you, I need to upgrade from this small glass desk with wheels. It is a depressing desk

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Nice desk but the is the sitting chair?

Looks real simplistic… I approve. :+1:

this is my chair+a memory foam pad. I don’t think I’ll benefit from an office chair. maybe we’ll see


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