I bought more coffee... gasoline prices

Coffee prices are rising and they had a good sale and I bought more coffee. Now I have three kg of coffee and this should last until the end of this year.

I do not own a car and so I do not buy gasoline, but I have heard that gasoline prices are also rising. How is it in your area? I saw some YouTube video that in California the price of gallon was over six USDs. When I was in California the price of one gallon was little over three USDs. This was in 2000/2001. The lowest price of one gallon was in Atlanta, just a little over one USDs in the 1990s.

£1.48 a liter here in England.

When I got got my first car in 1978 gas cost about 50 cents a gallon. Now I pay about $3.80 a gallon but I’ve seen it for over $5.00 at some places.

Here gasoline costs 7.5 euros (8.6 USDs) a gallon. Quite a lot.

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Here its 1,70euro per liter unleaded one.

I also enjoy buying things on sale. It seems like you like it too!

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Sorry if I offended anybody with my previous post. I just receive these ‘CNN’s Meanwhile in America’ emails. I try to be more careful in the future.