I Bet A Lot of Movies Were Made By People Who Are Mentally Ill

Who else would be able to make a horror, or science fiction film. When I was visually hallucinating I thought I saw a spider crawl extremely fast across the couch up to my body. When I felt nothing I realized I was hallucinating. It was moving too fast to be real. I also once saw people who were not there when I was visually hallucinating. My auditory hallucinations have been like ghosts, or demons watching me all the time, reading my mind, and I have imagined that certain people or myself have been angels or devils. There was even a time the voices told me I was in purgatory and we pondered what that supposedly meant. Some voices have been evil and others good. Some of the female voices acted like lovers until I quit the porn. I could write many stories based on my experiences because of the sheer horror, and fascination of the episodes and I have been impressed by the creativity it means my mind actually possesses. I have much quieter voices now, things are stable, and life is not a storybook or a nightmare any more. I even stay away from most movies, TV shows and stories now so they don’t get any more ideas. But I can see where a lot of the most famous movies and stories come from. They come from disturbed minds.

I would guess that there’s a fair amount of truth to that. Creativity and mental health problems do seem to go together very often. I look forward to retaining the memories of my experiences once I am able to function and live independently, will be like the best of both worlds.

Whoever filmed “The Wizard of Oz” must have been on acid.

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