I believe they are messing with my devices

I think the voices went on and started messing with my phone when I was in the middle of calling my mom. I mean yes I know they were in a crisis because they started screaming and all but before they sounded kind of low toned and flaky almost as if they did not want me to know they were in this crisis. See they’ve done this before and I was caught a fool in the action of adhering their cry but that wasn’t the case I suppose.

This happens to me all the time. My phone works fine if I’m listening to regular stuff, but the minute I turn on spiritual music, or one of my favorite pastors, it turns off or freezes to the point I can’t do anything but to force a restart or reset. It’s very strange. I wish I were making this up.

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The voices can’t control your devices, because the voices are just electrical impulses in your brain and nothing more. Just like you can’t move things with your mind, your voices can’t affect the world outside of your head.


I’ve never found the voices to be able to manipulate the material physical plane. I’d be more willing to believe it’s just a bad connection.

I wish that were true I would have solved the issue myself but get this whenever I call the internet people I never get through to them.

Treebeard then I don’t know what’s happening then. I’m telling you this happens almost 100% of the time I try to either listen to a pastor, or play religious music.

If I happen to be listening to something else - music from Prince, a TV show, nothing happens. I explained this to my doctor and she said with these voices your mind is in a very heightened state, and somehow that creates the voices and even make it possible for them to respond to whatever your thinking.

I know they are not real I just can’t explain why my phone only shuts down during those times.

Well what do you mean that your mind is in a heightened state? Did the voices mind turn into a heighten state because that’s more likely.

Then that points to a problem with the site or stream, not voices. Your voices can’t do anything except talk to you.


Except but to be loud

Illvoices that’s the term my doctor used. My guess is she meant that that’s when this illness is at a really bad point and the medication is not working well.

Check your filters.

I think it could be any number of technology issues. My phone shuts down sometimes to for no reason then I have to take the battery out to restart it. It was the cheapest android in Walmart. I’m guessing cheap technology, bad websites, bad internet, or like @gobeyond said it could be your filters.

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