I believe in God, but

I believe in him, but i hate him, what in the hell is he thinking?!

Flesh?! Death?! Whats his problem?!

I also believe in satan, but i hate him also, what a complete you know what!

If God has a plan, which i believe he does, then i hate it and i hate him for it and for making me a part of it.

If he told me to have children i would tell him to go make them himself, how dare he even ask nicely that i have children, as if i could happily watch my own children do this awful crap. Not to mention the fact that they might be murdered or raped, you want kids go make them God.

I don’t even care what this is about, how could i, it’s a nightmare and i don’t think that he should have done this at all. Why not just make us angels/spirits in the first place? Wouldn’t that be impatient or lazy of him?

Thats my religion, i believe in him but i hate him, and i hate the other guy also, why worship either, it’s not like they ever do anything for us. If spirits could die i wish that they would actually, and why not, thats what we do, it’s okay for us isn’t it, i wish they would as well.

What an awful plan and i don’t think that it can be encouraged, and most certainly not worshipped, thus sayeth the mountain of murdered children, not to mention all of the ones in sex slavery right now.

If you can hear me God i honestly wish you dead and i wish you great pain. It’s a new religion!

there is no god or the devil it is just a fairy tale, yes there is an order to the universes it still involves love and kindness, karma, but god !
i love the idea that there are all these people who think god is sitting there welcoming everyone in to heaven, wow that would be boring !
religion was created by a few, to control , take peoples power away, and take there money through taxes .
take care.


Why do you believe God has a plan? I’m not sure either way but it’s hard to believe there is a plan in place.

I went thru a similar disgust for God. But I don’t feel that it is him I should be focusing my anger to. It does no good, it just makes me mad, effecting me negatively. I was born into a wretched illness called SZ. Why me? People victims of a tornado devastation can either say two things. 1. Thank god I am still alive. or 2. Damn you god you just tried to kill me.


I do believe that there is God, but i am skeptical about religions, but i want to be religious…anyways when humans were created millions years ago, i don’t think there were so many illnesses around i think our ancestors are to blame due there bad habits, that many years latter the dna genes changed…like we are doing now with all of this crap foods we are eating and smoking, breading these polluted air, we are just changing genes for the coming generations.

Near Death Experience/Life After Death after Car Accident - Gary

I have had this idea when I was so little before I go to school, I said the thought out loud, I cursed god for something I saw on TV, it was a beautiful fluffy bird being hunted and ate alive by a hawk ! and my parents fought me so hard to take that thought out of my head.
I went atheist when I became a teen, in a journey of finding god if he exists…I finally found god, spiritually or scientifically I found him everywhere.
May I say this life in this universal law is not cheap, and everything you earn is paid or to be paid later, nothing is free, so if you think hard in this you’ll find that if someone suffers for no reason that he/she is paying the price of something good and beautiful to be happening to him/her, and the other way around, if someone caused a lot of pain or damage to someone or something he/she would be paying the price sooner or later, so if it was so big price to pay then they pay it after they die, unfortunately I don’t see much of a choice for us to chose what we want to pay for and what we don’t want to pay but, that’s life…

Reasonless suffering is not paying for anything good that happens later, what a cruel philosophy that is.

I believe in a spirit world and life after death, and good and bad, and light and darkness. I go to church and i want to fully believe in god and jesus. I really do get something from the message. But i still have my doubts. I think i always will.

I’m beginning to think I got off lucky with God. When I was 10-11 I thought God spoke to me.

He said unto me…
Look kid, There are wars, and famine, and epidemics going on, so I just don’t have time for you. I’m really busy. Ok Kid? But here’s what I’m going to do, I’ll put you on hold and send someone down with in the year who will help you out in life. You’ll have to raise her first, but when she gets older, she’ll save you."

Then my kid sister was born about 9 months later and God and I haven’t spoken since. We both seem cool with that.


Come, Lord (Christian Praise Worship Songs with Lyrics)

It is easy to believe in God, whoever he is, but noone believe in Lazareth.

Apart from the Christian, but only from faith and never one time from experience in their lives just the blindness they live through their entire lives.

When you dead you dead and that is why you need to respect life and not take it as some fantasy bs.

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i understand. i also never ever, known too my humble knowledge have asked
for being brought into existence.

yet here i am, we could/should be given a choice. if we wished too carry on with life.
instead of a person deciding too take violently its own life.

this does makes me sound negative, and offcourse there a beautifull creations that makes me wonder.
ah well he/she/they might do not care and for the absolute we might not even be real.?

I get real mad at God also. I’ve been angry for like a year straight in the past. I was delivering pizza during my late twenties and the lady I was delivering to looked scared. I said “what’s wrong” she said “you look like you are mad at the world”. I turned around and didn’t say anything.

  Here is what I tell myself when I get this way.   Everything happens for you good for those who love God.  There is a reason for everything.  Jesus Christ died on a cross.  He suffered and look at him now.  Now he is the lord of the universe sitting on his throne.  The point is , is that you get rewarded for suffering.  God is fair.  I also tell myself that God is disciplining me.  And he has the wisdom to know that I need this disciplining.  And the result of disciplining is righteousness.  The bible says this.  That's what God is thinking.    Sorry didn't mean to highlight this part.  Don't know how to erase it.

well yes is that a prize? one might ask,
lord of the universe and on a throne for eternity…
that sounds more like a penalty, a prison even…

Or of us?

Some people are not parent material.
It’s the wise one who recognizes such, and never lets them be born into such a unwanted life.
Guess you can say you love children enough not to have them?