I asked my psychiatrist if she was OK

I saw her today when I went to get my physical and blood test done for prolactin. She looked very tired and worn out. Also pale. I asked if she was OK and she smiled and said yes are you OK


I once had a psychiatrist who said “can’t you see that I can’t cope anymore”


WoW. She must have been going through a hard time.

That took a lot of guts @Qwerty.
Shows that you care.


It was not a she but a he.:wink:

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That was very caring of you. If you don’t mind me asking, why’d you have to get your prolactin tested? Do you have high prolactin due to the meds?

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Yes they think I have high prolactin. I have all the symptoms. I’m on paliperidone

That sounds like a good exchange. Hopefully they can tweak your meds without causing adverse effects. Let us know how you are in a few.


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I have high prolactin on paliperidone as well. We’re going to try to lower my medication at my next psychiatrist appointment.

I don’t know what we will do yet. I’m thinking of going on abilify if it’s sky high. Which i think it is…I hope your dose change goes well.

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Wow - That was nice of you. Im sure if i asked my shrink if he was ok, he would scream “boundarys” at me! Very sweet of you tho.

I never have to ask, I always assume none of my psychiatrists are doing OK.


Thank you, I hope all goes well for you too.

My psychologist is also absent but not absent minded. She just have to take a few days off because she is in labor.

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